teach me a good healing meditation please..i have often heard about this thing..its nice..how to do it? Age mine 43.
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As a beginner, you can try this healing meditation technique. Find yourself an open wide space. It could be your garden or terrace. If you live near a water body like a beach, it would be great to practice meditation in natural surroundings. You need not necessarily sit down, as in traditional meditation. Instead, stand and raise your arms sideways, feeling the bright sun overhead. Bask in the sunlight and let it massage your body, especially the areas that you think need healing. You can do a gentle massage in circular motions to release strain and tension. Feel the earth with your feet and connect with it. Now rub your hands before the heart chakra – the chest’s center at the heart level – and contemplate. During this introspection process, pay attention to the parts that need to be healed or any circumstances in life that distress you. Ponder over the problems until you resolve them. Now take a few deep breaths chanting "Om" and keep your mind completely still. Finally, banish all thoughts and focus on your feet. Meditate for a while and then go home with mental peace attained from this exercise.

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