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Hello doctor, Im Sumitra. Age 32. Housewife by profesion, i am having hair fall problm last months and my husbnd say i should try hair loss remedies for females. my question is why i should get treated now? Is there chance of problem dispearin on itself?
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Female hair loss can affect the quality of life in women, taking on the shape of emotional and psychological problems. In many cases, a woman’s hair fall is not considered a serious problem by friends or family, even by doctors. Failure to recognize the extent of this issue can lead to reduced self-esteem to depression and anxiety. Female hair fall often gets overlooked as a common problem. Although gradual hair loss is usually connected to aging, women who suffer from pattern hair loss may experience the condition due to hereditary issues. Temporary hair loss could also result from pregnancy. Women should rely on hair loss treatments to treat the underlying conditions.

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