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Hi, I have a question – what sort of hair growth treatment is available for women? My hair has been falling out recently and I need to correct the situation. Thank you.
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Medication is commonly used to treat women’s hair loss. Some of the most popular treatments include: • Minoxidil: When minoxidil is applied directly to your scalp, it stimulates hair growth. Usually 2 percent minoxidil is used for women but for severe cases, a stronger 5 percent solution is also available. • Anti-Androgens: Spironolactone and other anti-androgen drugs help treat androgenic alopecia. • Iron Supplements: Iron deficiency may lead to hair loss in many women. Doctors test the blood iron level, especially if you have a history of anemia, heavy periods, or are a vegetarian. Take supplements to combat the iron deficiency. But if your iron level is normal, avoid taking extra as it can lead to side effects like constipation and stomach upset.

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