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my name sunanda 20. female lady. my long hair is secret to my beauty. But now I am having look problem bcoz my hair fall in shower. Every bath is cause problem because my hair come out and I am scared. Help plz doctor.
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Nailing down the exact reason why you’re experiencing hair fall in the shower may prove tricky. However, some of the possible reasons include: • Physical Stress: This is one of the major triggers and involves a physical trauma, like chronic illness, accident, or surgery. When a person experiences a stressful event, the hair cycle gets shocked and causes hair loss. • Pregnancy: Pregnant women often suffer from hair fall. After delivery, a lot of hair loss occurs and it is not uncommon to find clumps of hair in the shower or shower drain. • Low Protein: Protein is necessary for our body, including our hair. Low protein content may cause hair fall. That is why doctors advise consuming sufficient quantity of milk, egg, meat, and fish.

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