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Kiran here. 31 yr female. my hair long flowy nd smooth since young age. but now it has grown rough. Worse even is falling out of hair in clumps. this causing grief. one friend saying it could be due to my hairstyle? is it possible?
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The way you treat your hair on a daily basis has lasting effects on the quality of your locks. Poor or harsh treatments may contribute to thinning of hair and you might lose clumps of your hair. Washing your hair every day or using heavy hair care products can cause hair thinning. Some of it may also fall out. Excessive brushing may pull out parts of your hair. Even healthy hair isn’t safe due to this practice. Also, pulling your hair back too tightly can cause lasting damage to your hair, and cause breakage and thinning. Hair fall also occurs when you tie your hair too tightly. Hairstyles like braids or tight updos are responsible for this problem. Women who enjoy tying back their hair, should let it down now and then or tie their hair loosely. They should also avoid heat styling treatments and tools, like dyes, hair dryers, curling or straightening irons.

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