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Marina here. My family refuses to visit a doctor for my hair fall problem. They have always followed Ayurvedic cures and insist I do the same to stop hair loss. I want to know if hair fall treatment present in Ayurveda is effective?
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Many women prefer Ayurvedic treatments over Western medicine as it incorporates natural ingredients. Plus, they have proven their efficacy since ancient times. Ayurvedic research pertaining to hair growth is well-structured and extensive, making it easier for practitioners to understand the root cause behind hair fall and provide the necessary treatment. In Ayurveda, hair type is connected to body structure and falls under one of three divisions – pitta, vata, and kapha. Every type of hair has distinctive characteristics, and thus, multiple reasons exist because of hair loss, which varies from one person to the other. Hair loss may stem from pitta dosha, which is responsible for our digestive and metabolic processes. When you have a balanced pitta, your mind and body stay healthy.

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