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Sirji, my hair has shiny and long. but some day ago i suffer much hair fall. this not happen before. but i want hair protecsion. Give me ideas to hair fall treatment at home.
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Excessive hair fall is a nightmare for many women. However, certain home solutions can save your locks naturally and effectively: • Thyroid Cure: When the thyroid gland produces insufficient or excessive amounts of thyroid hormone, it changes the growth cycle of your hair. Other symptoms that indicate thyroid problems include sensitivity to heat or cold, weight loss or gain, and heart rate changes. • Proper Diet: Protein, zinc, iron, and copper should be plentiful in your diet. Another reason behind hair loss is the lack of vitamin D. That’s why you should soak up the sun in moderate amounts. • Birth Control Pills: These pills can lead to hair loss. The hormones present in the pill suppress ovulation, leading to thinning hair. Hair loss may also occur when you stop taking this pill.

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