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About Hair Fall

The thinning of scalp hair is known as hair fall. In medical terms, the condition is known as alopecia. Hair loss may be permanent or temporary. Usually, hair loss occurs over time and is called androgenetic alopecia because a combination of genetics and male hormones are responsible for the onset of this problem. Other common types of hair fall include telogen effluvium (hair sheds rapidly after fever, sudden weight loss, or childbirth), traction alopecia (thinning of hair due to ponytails or tight braids), and alopecia areata (bald patches that generally grow back). Hair fall is a common problem experienced by both women and men with age. However, this condition is more prominent in men. Most men will experience hair loss with scarring of the scalp at some point in their lives. Doctors usually make a distinction between hair loss from low hair growth and hair loss due to breakage of the shaft. Androgenetic alopecia or balding is experienced by both men and women, and normally occurs when testosterone metabolites affect genetically susceptible hair follicles. Other causes of hair loss include anemia, protein deficiency, chemotherapy, thyroid, low vitamin levels, and secondary syphilis.

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