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my head pains a lot smtmz……some say meditation can help in headaches..can u guide me abt any meditation way 2 less my pain? M housewyf….34……
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Different types of meditation are helpful in chronic headache and migraine. One common technique is mindfulness meditation. It requires the practitioner to exclusively focus on the breath as a way to ‘be’ in the present moment. Along with breath, you may notice the physical sensations it causes in the body like bulging and emptying of the lungs and belly as each breath moves in and out. While doing so, your mind may deviate, which it naturally will. However, be conscious of the thoughts and emotions arising in your mind from the stance of a neutral observer and anchor your attention back onto the breath. That is, do not get involved with the wandering thoughts and divert your focus on the breath again. Do this exercise for a few minutes daily to ease your headache.

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