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doctor, this is neha arora frm delhi. Im 42. Iv too children & also a house n job to handle. I really like to meditate a lot…..but got no time..plus, it’s easier for me to get in2 meditative mode if oonly some1 guides m into it..u know how its like..a teacher or a Yoga CD..even ur detailed explanatn wud do..pls explain sum meditation method four people like myself……
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Good question! People leading a fast-paced life often do not have time for traditional meditation. Instead, they may opt for this amazing practice called walking meditation. The method is quick and simple. Walking meditation essentially means mindful walking or meditating while walking. Unlike the daily rush we are in to reach our workplace on time, this walking technique has a different style. Preferably, the pace must be slow and the distance less to avoid distractions. However, the key idea is not to haste and maintain your focus. As long as you follow this technique, any length and speed can work. Your eyes should gently look at the scene in front of you. As you take each step, try to connect with your body, be aware of your feet constantly tapping on the floor and the breath coming in and going out. If your mind wanders, be neutral to the diversions and return to your consciousness gently during each breath and each step. Walking this way can be a rewarding experience, giving you the quiet and respite you need.

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