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Anuradha here. 24 female. Doctor, my sister is suffering from OCD problems for the last few months. She was diagnosed and has been getting proper CBT treatment from medical doctor. But the problem is, we think her diet might affect cure process. So I was asking if there are food to cure OCD available?
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For OCD patients, eating healthy and nutritious food is par for the course. But apart from that, it is important to take meals regularly. When a person feels hungry, his/her blood sugar starts to drop. This makes them feel tired or cranky. That’s why it is necessary to begin with a daily breakfast, and consume small meals more frequently rather than large meals at dinner or lunch time. An ideal meal for OCD patients will consist of seeds and nuts that are rich in good nutrients. Protein like beans, meat, and eggs should also be consumed because they fuel you up gradually and help you achieve balance. Also, take plenty of complex carbs such as veggies, whole grains, and fruits that steady your blood sugar levels.

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