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Doctor, my 14 yr son is diagnosed with OCD problem. He went to doctor and being teenager, he was recommended therapy. But no medicine. But lifestyle change needed. Suggest foods to avoid with ocd plz.
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Avoiding certain kinds of foods and maintaining a nutrient-rich dietary regimen consisting of whole foods can curb symptoms of OCD. The foods to avoid include: • Sugary Foods: Consuming foods with added sugars, like candy and soda can elevate the blood glucose levels, leading to a temporary high. This stimulation may trigger OCD in some people and once their blood sugar levels drop, they may feel irritable or depressed. • Caffeinated Foods: It is necessary to limit caffeine intake since it triggers increased anxiety owing to the stimulating effects on the nervous system. • Alcohol: Alcohol is a depressant and might relieve OCD symptoms for some time. But in the long run, the problem grows worse and triggers panic attacks and OCD behavior.

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