Find out more about the common symptoms of dandruff
Most of the symptoms associated with dandruff indicate an irritation of the scalp, caused by the leading cause of fungal dandruff – the microbe known as Malassezia globosa. Once the scalp starts to get irritated, it reacts the same way as the skin on other parts of the body. So, you start to experience redness, itching, flakes, and dryness. The most visible symptom of dandruff is flaking of the scalp and it is possible to view them on your hair as well as the shoulders. This occurs once the body speeds up the rate at which it renews skin cells, leading to the appearance of excess cells on the scalp which then flake off. Even though it is the most visible sign of dandruff, it is not always the first symptom. Itching is normally the initial symptom of this condition which manifests itself and acts as sort of a warning sign prior to the appearance of the flakes. Redness and dryness may appear early on as well, and your scalp begins to feel tight. Even though they are not the best symptoms of dandruff, people prone to dandruff should keep an eye out for their appearance and promptly begin using anti-dandruff shampoo for the treatment of this problematic medical condition.
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