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Kabir 29. My wyf sufering 4m lot of hair fall problem. Continu 4 many month. i think she fling sad. Is hair transplant 4 female right option for wife?
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Hair transplant might be a good option for men, but women usually don't experience the kind of hair loss that makes them proper candidates for hair transplant. Experts believe that a miniscule 2 to 5 percent of women benefit from this procedure. Women who should opt for hair transplant include: • Women suffering from hair loss owing to traction alopecia. • Women experiencing alopecia marginalis, a condition that resembles traction alopecia. • Women with hair loss problems owing to trauma, such as scarring, chemical burns, and burn victims. • Women with a specific baldness pattern, similar to male pattern baldness. This includes vertex thinning, hairline recession, and a donor area unaffected by androgenetic alopecia. Because of the poor stability in women experiencing female pattern baldness, females normally make poor candidates for hair transplant surgery.

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