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im 34. Suffrng from erectile dysfunction. A friend of mine advsd using penis pumps..should I do that? r they good as a treatment option?
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Penis pumps, also known as vacuum erection devices, comprise of a hollow tube that caps the penis, a tension ring or seal that caps the base of penis and a battery or hand powered vacuum pump. As the pump draws out air inside the tube, blood flow increases into the penis and the vacuum causes an erection. The role of the seal is to sustain this erection. Vacuum pumps have proved effective in case of moderate ED. Erections are attained in most cases and last long enough to get desired satisfaction in an intercourse. Although, some individuals complain of less rigid erection near the penis base. Penis pumps are cost-effective in comparison to medicines or surgeries due to their re-usability. Importantly, in some cases, patients may be able to achieve natural erections as a result of their regular use. Conversely, their improper usage can render side effects like penis bruising or mild bleeding beneath the penis surface due to excess air pressure inside tube. Also, the ring/seal/band may restrain ejaculation and your partner may find the penis cold-to-touch.

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