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Im nt a diabetes or heart patient….i dnt hv bp problem..nor do I think I hv any mental health issues….but last time my cholesterol was v high wn I got a check up done. I face erectile dysfunction sometimes..cn cholesterol b d reason? if so, what treatment I need to prevent d problm?
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High cholesterol in bloodstream deposits large amounts of plaque in arteries including those that supply blood to the penis. Constriction of blood vessels – called atherosclerosis – follows which is one of the major causes of ED. High LDL levels (bad cholesterol) are also capable to impede testosterones production dwindling men’s sexual drive. Likewise, LDLs cut back nitric oxide release that hampers sufficient penile tissues relaxation essential for erections. Interestingly, ED is also often the first warning sign of serious underlying health conditions like high cholesterol, high BP, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc. Due to high cholesterol, a blockage may be imminent in future bringing about a stroke or a heart attack. Cutting back lipids will enhance blood flow helping to reverse ED and risk to heart disease. However, be wary of the LDL lowering medicines you take as some of these contribute to ED. Consult your doctor for effective treatment. Dietary changes and physical fitness can be crucial in this regard.

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