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my erectile dysfunction problem isn’t getting better with home remedies..i tried quite a lot….it strtd around 2 months bk…i think it’s time to c a doctor…which doctor looks into such things?
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You can visit a general physician first to nab the underlying root of your sexual dysfunction. Your medical history and physical examinations like blood tests, urine tests, ultrasound, penile area examination, overnight erection test, psychological tests and sexual health questionnaires will help diagnose ED along with its origin. The tests will reveal if you have diabetes, heart disease, high BP, cholesterol, low testosterone levels, blood flow issues, stress, performance anxiety, depression or any other health condition(s). Following this, you may need specialists like a urologist (expert in male reproductive system), an endocrinologist (in case hormones like testosterones, androgen, etc. are at fault), a mental health expert or a sex therapist (if the dysfunction is psychogenic and cropping up relationship troubles alongside). In the latter cases, you can involve your partner in the therapy.

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