doctor im 42 yrs and facing erectile dysfunction from 1 yr or so….im confused as to wt may have caused it as I dnt hv any health problem. Recntly, I hd a health check-up and no issue ws detected excpt that the doctor asked m 2 lose weight…10-15 kgs…as im overweight as per my height and age. Cn overweight be a reason for my problem?
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Certainly, being overweight or obese is one of the leading factors of erectile dysfunction. Obese men are 2.5 times more prone to ED than those with normal weight. ED can onset in men who are just 14-15 kgs overweight, rather than being obese, as seems to be your case. Generally, overweight or obesity onsets high BP, high cholesterol, diabetes and other chronic diseases that all become roots of ED. That missing in your case, suggested by positive health check-up results, cardiovascular conditions or low testosterones release could be the culprits behind your ED. Obesity often gets in the way of healthy blood flow to the penis as a result of high plaque deposits on blood vessel walls, a cardiovascular disorder called atherosclerosis. Add to this, poor levels of free testosterone and serum in overweight men that mars their sexual capabilities further. Low sex hormone levels gives rise to low libido or sexual drive as well. However, you need not panic, as an effective weight loss plan will help set right your sexual performance once again.

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