Effective tips on how to grow your hair faster
Many people covet long, shiny hair but few manage to achieve it, given how much effort, patience and deliberate changes to their daily hair care routine it requires. If you’re discouraged due to the slow growth of your hair, there are ways to ensure you get those long shiny locks you always wanted. Just follow the tips mentioned below: • Trim your hair regularly to eliminate split ends that break your hair. Once this issue gets resolved, the breakage gives way to faster hair growth rate. • Make it a point to distribute the natural oils in your hair by brushing it before bedtime. Use a boar bristle brush for distributing the oils on your scalp evenly. This keeps your hair moisturized. • Eat the right foods for hair growth. What you put inside your body affects the quality of your hair. Promote hair growth by giving it the right nutrition. Consume proteins like whole grains, nuts, beans, and fish. • Regularly take tablets and supplements that provide the vitamins A, C, and E, along with omega-3 fatty acids and minerals like iron and zinc for healthier, lustrous locks. • Use shampoo every day to wash your hair but keep in mind it does not promote hair growth. Twice or thrice every week is enough for the natural oils to penetrate your hair, giving it the opportunity to hydrate or repair itself. • Do not use heat styling tools because they damage your hair, resulting in frizz and breakage.
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