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Suffering from eczema….the dry patches here and there itch too much. I always scratch them a lot which I think is bad as they get more red and swollen. Suggest some good creams for treatment of itching please.
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Eczema-irritated skin is often itchy. Instead of rubbing the flakes, you should apply soothing moisturizers. Keeping the skin hydrated is one of the best ways to control itchiness. Look for creams and lotions containing ceramides, glycerin, shea butter, plant oils, silicone derivatives, lipids, hyaluronic acid, etc. Even your routine petroleum jelly should serve the purpose. Prefer products with minimal or no chemicals, perfumes, dyes, preservatives, etc. as these can worsen the symptoms. A gentle moisturizer will help lock moisture into your skin as well as protect the natural ‘skin barrier’, also called ‘lipid barrier’ or ‘epidermal barrier’, impairment of which often causes microbes, irritants and allergens to settle into the skin and give rise to eczema reactions.

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