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Pls mention few tips for skin care in eczema. Other than ointments, what else can I do to care for my skin?
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Bath therapy is often essential for eczema skin care. A lukewarm bath is hydrating and helps wash off irritants and allergens. Use a mild cleanser, avoid scrubbing with loofah and gently pat dry after washing. Follow this immediately with moisturizing liberally before applying medications. Few drops of coconut or sunflower seed oil in your moisture will help strengthen the skin barrier. Vitamin D deficiency has often been noticed in eczema patients. Vitamin D supplement will do you good. Wear soft fabrics (cotton) and loose garments, and remove coarse and tight-fitting clothes from your wardrobe. Take all measures possible to avoid sweating, extreme hot, cold, humid or dry environments, and chemical-rich cosmetics and domestic cleansers. Your skin products should contain moisturizing elements like shea butter and hyaluronic acid and be devoid of lanolin, retinol, alpha hyrdoxy acid and vitamin C. A gentle stress buster massage is welcome since stress can cause eczema flares. Besides, knowing your specific eczema triggers and keeping them at bay is a necessity. If you have a case of eczema where doctors are suspecting contact dermatitis, you may undergo a skin patch testing to find out the types of allergens aggravating your condition.

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