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My baby is just 5 months old…..don’t wanna try too many medicines and creams. Can home treatments cure his eczema on face and back?
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A rule of thumb in home care for baby eczema is ample skin hydration. Virgin coconut oil can be a good and cheap substitute for the expensive emollients. A lukewarm bath calms eczema rash and traps water in. Use a gentle cleanser for bathing. Adding ground oats or chamomile tea into the bathing water will soothe the skin further, preventing itching. Diluted tea tree essential oil or cold pressed coconut or sunflower oils are also natural moisturizers. Whereas the anti-inflammatory sunflower oil seeps deep into skin, fighting eczema from within, coconut and tea tree oils keep infections away with their anti-bacterial properties. Sunbathing your baby for about 20 minutes gives good dose of melanin and vitamin D – both healing agents for eczema. Other than these, you ought to get more regular in cutting your baby’s fingernails to avoid scratching, dress him in loose, cotton clothes, clean his bedding and surroundings more frequently, and keep him cool to avoid sweating. In winters, be extra careful about moisturizing all the more.

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