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Myself 40, male..I'm suffering with severe eczema for a long time now….I apply creams and take oral medicines..want to know what different treatment options are there for this disease? Is there a permanent cure of it?
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As you're a long-time acute eczema sufferer, your medical history and present condition are essential in determining the proper treatment. Eczema has no known cure, only treatments to ease the symptoms. Corticosteroids vary from low to high strength – available respectively as OTC ointments for mild eczema and prescription medicines for severe cases. These help fight inflammation and itching and are also available as pills, liquids or shots for severe eczema. In non-steroid options, you can look for calcineurin inhibitors like pimecrolimus and tacrolimus that are used to treat moderate-to-severe symptoms by reducing inflammation. Similarly, immunosuppressants are another class of eczema drugs available as pills, liquids or shots that pause the immune system's hyperreactivity and are recommended for moderate-to-severe symptoms that haven't responded to other treatments. Lastly, phototherapy utilizes UV light to treat moderate-to-severe eczema that may be widespread (spread all over) or localized (on hands or feet) that hasn’t improved with topical applications.

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