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I would like to know abt phototherapy for eczema? Does it cure the disease? What types of eczema can be treated with it? are there any side effects?
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Light therapy or phototherapy is helpful in many types of dermatitis (eczema), including contact dermatitis (skin rashes develop due to contact with particular substances), atopic dermatitis (skin inflammation in different body areas), dyshidrosis (fluid-filled blisters on palms, soles and/or fingers), seborrhoea (scaly, inflamed skin on scalp, face or chest), and nummular eczema (coin-shaped sores on face, hands, trunk or limbs). The affected areas could be widespread – all over the body – or localized like hands or feet, that haven’t responded well to topical applications. Phototherapy draws on ultraviolet B rays (the best component of natural sunlight) to ease inflammation, itching and bolster the skin’s defense mechanism against bacteria. It also supports the production of vitamin D in the skin. Usually a long-running treatment involving several trips to the physician, a success rate of approx. 70% makes light therapy worth the inconvenience. Although safe, the treatment may have a few possible side effects like nausea, headaches, sunburns, skin aging, melanoma, and cataracts if you don’t properly protect the eyes during the therapy.

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