Hv eczema on my eyelids, it not only weighs heavy on my eyes but irritates like hell. Can eczema face creams work for the eyes as well? Or should I look for specific eye products?
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Like all eczema, eye eczema (whether on eyelids or around the eyes) needs constant moisturizing to curb itching and dryness. Multiple OTC and prescription moisturizers are available. Your eye make-ups; nail paints can also lead to eyelid eczema. Also eye drops can cause eyelid eczema. Fragrance-free, paraben-free and chemical-free products will be the safest bet for the overly sensitive skin around the eyes. However, your doctor may prescribe corticosteroids to combat inflammation. Hydrocortisone is an OTC drug useful for redness and itching. But, remember to go for steroids if prescribed as these can cause thinning of the skin. Alternatively, your doctor can prescribe calcineurin inhibitors that also cut down inflammation and work best for facial eczema, including on eyelids. While regular facial eczema creams will work for eyelid eczema, it is best you find a cream formulated specially for eyes.

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