My skin is getting very very dry due to eczema. Treatment is going on and redness has reduced but dryness is still there which looks ugly and breaks easily. Please tell some tips to cure this.
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It seems your eczema affected areas aren’t receiving enough moisturization. A separate category of OTC and prescription eczema creams are skin moisturizing creams. But you need to apply these in the right manner i.e. immediately after bathing in lukewarm water. A warm bath without harsh soaps or rubbing on the eczematous areas makes up for the water lost due to your damaged skin barrier (caused by eczema). Pat dry and leave a bit of dampness before you slather your ointments and moisturizers on the affected areas. In moisturizers, choose oil-rich options like petroleum jelly, mineral oil, etc. and apply these at least twice a day in thick coats. Skin barrier creams can also correct your leaky lipid/skin barrier (the outermost protective layer on skin) so that there’s less moisture loss. Take up this skin-hydrating routine before you go to bed to let your skin retain moisture for a longer duration. You can also talk to your doctor about topical medications to alleviate dryness.

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