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we – myself and my wife - wanting a child from last 2 years doctor but no good. I took some natural herbs and supplements also, tried home remedies also. Changed my diet and exericed n lost weight as I read on internet so mcuh. But nothing useful at all. May be problem something deep and complicated with me. please tell me if it is time to c a doctor of male infertility?
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Dr. Raveendran SR

Diabetologist, Sexologist, Medical Microbiologist

Generally, male infertility patients should meet a specialist if they are unable to conceive a child even after a year of regular and unprotected sex. In your case, I recommend you consult a reproductive endocronologist or RE as soon as possible since it has already been two years. In case you face erection or ejaculation issues, low sex drive or pain/swelling/lump in the testes, you should see an infertility specialist immediately. If you have experienced any prostate, sexual or testicular problems in the past or had surgery of testes, groin, penis or scrotum, urgent action is recommended.

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