Do ovarian cysts cause pregnancy complications?

Dr. Deepti Gupta

Laparoscopic Surgeon
Not all cysts are harmful, but some affect your long-term health as well as your ability to get pregnant. Usually it all comes down to the size and type of cyst, overall fertility, and age. Functional cysts do not cause any fertility issues unless they are very big in size. However, women who suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS may suffer from fertility problems. Endometriomas also affects the ability of woman to conceive as it distorts the anatomy of the patient’s pelvis and leads to scarring and inflammation. These conditions normally need treatment and doctors recommend laparoscopic surgery to women who are trying to get pregnant so that the majority of the ovaries and the uterus is preserved. Cystadenomas and dermoid cysts are not usually associated with the problem of infertility. If you do not want ovarian cysts to cause problems during pregnancy, you need to seek the best treatment as per your doctor’s recommendations. Depending on the cyst type and size, your condition needs to be monitored carefully for harmful symptoms. Surgery and birth control pills help to slow down the growth of ovarian cysts. In case the cyst has grown to an abnormally large size, it has to be removed, surgically or otherwise.
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