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we keep hearing all thhe time how so many diseases are caused by nutritional deficiencies,,i wanted to know about this more in details. Which all nutrients, vitamins n minerals n ol of that are most important n which most serioius bad diseases comes if we dnts east them??
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Nutritional deficiencies in the body can cause various disorders. Here are a few common conditions resulting from the lack of nutrients: • Vitamin B7 or biotin deficiency leads to hair loss and mental problems like depression. • Vitamin D and calcium deficiencies deteriorate bone and spine health, causing bones to become soft, fragile and prone to fractures. • Vitamin A deficiency may cause night blindness whereas iodine deficiency can cause goiter or enlarged thyroid glands. These, in turn, lead to hypothyroidism, poor growth in infants, cretinism (a condition of stunted physical and mental development) and mental retardation. • Lastly, iron deficiency can cause anemia, a condition of reduced RBCs or hemoglobin in the blood, resulting in weakness, tiredness, pallor and labored breathing.

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