iv worked out a weight loss diet plan fr myself by gathering info from internet and advises of my family members..i wantd to know now if time of eating also affects our weight..what schedule should be followed wn ur out to shed weight..
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Research suggests that having multiple smaller meals throughout the day has a positive effect on metabolism. There ought to be a gap of 3-5 hours between the meals to maintain reasonable energy and blood glucose levels. Eating at night to deal with stress, boredom or just binge-snacking if you aren’t asleep, can drastically increase weight. Remember people tend to eat potato chips, cookies, biscuits and other packaged edibles at night. Have dinner early, go for a walk and go to bed on time instead. Do not stay up till late at night if you tend to snack post-dinner. But overall, more than meal timings, the quantity of food consumed and the amount of calories burnt through exercise affects weight most significantly.

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