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y is Vitamin D so important in diabetic neuropathy..im Manoj..43 years..how cn I increase my Vit D deficiency? my doctor diabetician he is told last time iv diabetic neuropathy as i ws hvng pain n burning sensation in feet..
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You can sunbathe for around 20 minutes every day to meet up the vitamin D deficiency in your body. Foot care also proves helpful in case of burning feet sensation in diabetes as it enhances blood circulation to the feet. For this, do a couple of moderate-to-high intensity exercises regularly for at least half an hour. Walking, swimming, running, cycling, yoga or other forms of exercises will work well. Foot massage right before you go to bed is another alternative to channelize blood into the feet. You can also go for Epsom salt foot bath in which you need to dip your feet in a bucket containing 2 liters of water and 2 tbsp. of dissolved Epsom salt.

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