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Im a diabetes patient from lst 3 yrs or so..i keep hearing erectile dysfunction cn come with diabetes….tho ryt now iv no such issue, want to know if anything cn b done to prevent this?
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Diabetes multiplies your vulnerability to erectile dysfunction two to three times. Research suggests that half of diabetics fall prey to erectile dysfunction within 5-10 years from diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. However, managing blood glycemic, lipid profile and blood pressure levels can play a significant role in cutting back your proneness to this complication. Medications, herbal remedies, physical activities and diet regimens are key factors to control diabetes. Stress, anxiety, depression, overweight, smoking, alcohol and certain medicines with erectile dysfunction as a side effect (like those for high BP, depression or pain) are some more risk factors to erectile dysfunction in diabetic patients. Ruling out these conditions or habits from your lifestyle can aid to check impotence. Optimum sleep schedules – both sufficient sleep and at proper timings – are also important as physical weariness can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

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