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About Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disorder characterized by regular spikes in blood sugar levels. Our body fails to properly utilize and store glucose. Excess glucose deposits in the bloodstream, causing blood glucose levels to rise. According to the WHO, type 2 diabetes will affect nearly 98 million Indians by 2030. Anyone can get diabetes. However, it often runs in families, meaning the risk is higher if you have close relatives suffering from this disease. At the same time, medical conditions play a critical role. They pose a major threat to your well-being. One should be wary if he/she has high cholesterol, obesity or high blood pressure. Sedentary living is another risk factor that must be avoided. Get yourself tested regularly and consult a diabetologist or endocrinologist to prevent or manage diabetes symptoms effectively. Aging also increases your chances of falling prey to diabetes. Individuals who are 40+ years and overweight are at a higher risk of developing diabetes. Women who get diabetes during pregnancy, a condition known as gestational diabetes, may develop diabetes later on in life.

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