Want the details from you sir about the diagnosis of dementia. If someone shows some symptoms like memory problems and foregetting things now and then, is it dementia? I'm talking about my father, who is 68 years old. And, if he really has dementia, then what treatment I can do for him to save him from the disease?
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Clinical diagnosis of dementia involves a physical exam, laboratory tests and a detailed examination of one’s medical history. Changes in thinking, conduct and everyday functioning associated with specific types of dementia are looked out for. While it is easy for doctors to detect dementia, determining its exact type is quite challenging. This is owing to the fact that various types of dementia share some cognitive changes and other symptoms. Diagnosis by specialists like a neurologist or a geropsychologist can then be sought. Most chronic types of dementia are incurable. There are no remedies available to halt their progression. However, certain medications can help you manage the symptoms temporarily. Drugs prescribed in Alzheimer’s disease can sometimes prove useful to relieve the symptoms of other types of dementia. Other than this, non-drug treatments are also relied upon to ease certain symptoms of dementia.

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