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many family weddings last 2-3 months……all got over yestrdy only…..im man 65 age. Lots of stress n work..i wnt to try some deep relaxation things now..is dr a meditation mthod 4 this or shud I try something else?
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One way to relax yourself deep down is through self-hypnosis. Find a completely peaceful spot in your home or outdoors. Be seated or lie down, as you like. The place could be a garden, your terrace or any other calm corner. All alone, determine in your mind what you want to achieve through this meditation session. Before beginning with the hypnosis proper, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to quieten the mind and body. You can follow other relaxation methods in place of breathing. Now, tune in to a deeply relaxed state of mind for about 15-30 minutes, or longer, if you can, focusing your attention and barring consciousness of the surroundings.

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