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wt r d major causes of chronic constipation that goes on n on n doesn’t stop..i was diagnosed with chronic constipation last week wn I had an appointment with doctor..
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Chronic constipation is a condition characterized by difficult, irregular or incomplete evacuations. It commonly manifests itself in symptoms like hard stools, below three defecations weekly and strained or incomplete excretion. Any of these could be the cause of chronic constipation - colon lesions (colon cancer, colon narrowing), prior health disorders (diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, pregnancy, thyroid disorders), medicines (narcotics, pain killers, calcium channel blockers, anti-seizure medicines, antispasmodics), prior serious bowel diseases (in those aging 50+) and prior constipation-related conditions (normal transit constipation, slow transit constipation, defecation or evacuation disorders).

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