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My 11 year old kid Hari has always been precocious. But lately he’s been behaving awkwardly in public and home as well. I am a bit worried. My wife suggests it could be a case of OCD. Is this true? Is there a checklist I can follow to confirm OCD during childhood?
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Consider the following statements to check for the common symptoms of OCD in children: • The child makes a mess of the restroom, including not flushing the toilet, leaving toilet paper on the floor, and leaving the sink surface wet. • The kid expresses a need to defeat, conquer, or gain victory over siblings and peers. • The child does not make eye contact with a sibling who wants parental attention. • The child has a tendency to line up toys and other objects. • The child regularly craves foods with white sugar, like candy, cake, and cookies. • The kid often demands white flour carbs, like pizza, macaroni, and crackers. • The preparations for the kid’s bedtime involves a strict ritual. • The child becomes stuck more if the sleeping time is reduced. • The child reads properly but suffers from poor comprehension skills. If you answered yes to several of these statements, consult a specialist.

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