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Paresh is our son who is 10 years old. He went through some problems at young age and since then he is having issue with acting normal. We saw doctor and he says it could be OCD. He said OCD can often stem from child abuse. Is this true?
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There’s still a lot to uncover about OCD. While a decisive cause has not yet been discovered, it is commonly attributed to a mix of cognitive, genetic, behavioral, and neurological factors. There is little evidence to indicate that stress alone leads to OCD, but stressful circumstances like abuse may trigger the onset of the condition. Healthy individuals may experience OCD symptoms without being diagnosed, and patients with other mental illnesses may experience OCD symptoms as well. While some level of compulsive or obsessive thoughts are found in healthy people as well, specific events may trigger concerning symptoms, which then tend to develop into complete OCD. According to researchers, physical abuse and sexual abuse strongly impact the severity of the symptoms. Family disruption, sexual abuse and neglect may exacerbate symptoms. Younger individuals tend to report more OCD symptoms.

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