Check out these yoga poses for your physical and mental well-being
Beginners can opt for various yoga asanas. The moves are not only simple and easy to perform, but they lay a firm foundation for your yoga routine. • Cat Pose: This posture gently massages your abdomen and spine. It involves extending and flexing your spine. The cat pose can reduce pain or tension in the lower back. It also helps improve your posture and mobility. • Happy Baby Pose: This posture activates the hip joints. It gives the spine and inner groin a good stretch. It is also beneficial as a stress buster and reduces tiredness. • Intense Side Stretch Pose: This move is directed at opening up the spine, hips, wrists and shoulders. It also activates the abdominal organs and aids in digestion. It stretches out your hamstrings and tight calves, making it a good warm-up exercise before and/or after a running session. You also strengthen your legs and enhance your balance with intense side stretch pose. • Standing Forward Bend: This posture makes you bend forward and compresses your abdomen completely. It allows you to burn fat and tone the belly.
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