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My name Md. Arif. My 16 yr son has been behaving like mad person for past months. We went to our hakim and he told consult big doctor. And then doctor saying it is OCD problem. Son will get treatment bt i need to know causes of ocd in teenagers so I know why it happen 2 him.
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Within a period of 12 months, nearly 1 percent of the population is likely to have OCD. The symptoms usually begin during early adulthood or adolescence, but they may begin during the childhood years as well. The disorder tends to be a lot more persistent and severe if it starts from childhood. However, almost 40 percent of people with OCD from childhood begin the recovery process by the time they are adults. OCD patients tend to have irregularities in the brain, especially the parts of the brain responsible for control and regulation. While the exact causes of these brain irregularities aren’t known, environment and genetics seem to play a crucial role. But despite the role of genetics, many young individuals develop OCD without any previous family history of the problem. In rare instances, OCD starts off as a bacterial infection.

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