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My name Achintya. when we marry, my dear wife normal. but after some year, she become very strange and act unnatural. i get worried and see doctor and discussions later, she saying problem is OCD. i having no idea of problem and only want Malini to feel well. What are causes?
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While the precise reason behind OCD development is unknown, there are lots of interesting theories surrounding the development of OCD. They include: • OCD possibly occurs due to hereditary and genetic factors. • Compulsions are usually learned behaviors. These behaviors turn habitual and repetitive when associated with the relief from anxiety. • Distorted beliefs maintain and reinforce symptoms connected with OCD. • Structural, functional, and chemical abnormalities in the brain are the reason. The combination of different factors triggers the manifestation of OCD symptoms. The underlying reasons might be further affected by hormonal changes, personality traits, and stressful events.

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