Dear doctor sir, I have fatness problem. I am very fat. I control diet also & do exercise also. What else can cause obesity? Because then I will try to control that reason so that may be my overweight problem will stop.
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If your calorie consumption is more than the calories you metabolize, you are likely to be overweight. On the contrary, if you consume fewer calories than what you metabolize, you will tend to lose weight. Thus, lifestyle factors, such as lack of physical activity and overeating are the leading causes of obesity. Other common causes include: • Genetics: You are more prone to obesity if either or both of your parents are obese. Genetics also have an impact on the hormones responsible for fat regulation. • Psychological Factors: Emotions may have a direct bearing on your eating habits. Some people tend to do binge eating when they are upset, bored, angry or stressed. • Health Conditions: PCOS, hypothyroidism, Prader-Willi syndrome, insulin resistance and Cushing's syndrome are few disorders that can cause obesity.

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