Doctor, my friend Anish saying he told by his doc that HIV is having develop in him. I feel very sad on hearing news. i know him for long and he good person but this disease can now ruin lyf 4 him. What can cause of this condition?
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Dr. Raveendran SR

Diabetologist, Sexologist, Medical Microbiologist

An HIV-infected individual can pass the virus to other individuals even if they don’t exhibit any symptoms. Treatment for HIV reduces the risk of somebody passing on the disease considerably. Most individuals with HIV acquire the virus through unprotected anal or vaginal sex. HIV may also be contracted through unprotected oral sex, although the risk is a lot lower. The chances of infection increase if: • The person receiving oral sex has recently contracted HIV and has other viruses in his/her body or another STD. • The individual giving oral sex has bleeding gums, sores, or mouth ulcers. Other risky behaviors include sharing needles and syringes, sex toys, blood transfusions, accidental pricking with infected equipment, and breastfeeding.

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