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I am Aman. 27 year old. I am currently working and have lots of stress. But my hair is slowly falling. I notice lot of stray hairs every time I comb my hair. Is this normal? What are the causes of hair loss in men?
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Hair loss can normally be traced back to problems in your family tree, but other reasons exist as well. They include: • Genetics: The genes you received from your parents could be the cause of male pattern baldness. Due to hormonal changes, your hair follicles shrink, and you slowly start going bald. It begins when your hairline starts thinning above your crown and temples. Depending on the family history, you may experience male pattern baldness since your teens. Not only does your hair become thinner, but it gets shorter, finer, and softer as well. • Medical Reasons: Hair loss could indicate an underlying condition like thyroid or anemia. A low protein or iron-deficit diet may also cause thinning hair. • Shock or Stress: Excessive or sudden weight loss, surgery, emotional or physical shock may also cause hair loss for several months. • Infections: Ringworms often cause scaly patches or bald spots on your scalp. Treatment is required to make your hair grow back.

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