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Manavendra Gupta. 39. My problem is baldness which is slowly increasing everyday and cause probnlem in ,my life. I worry it will make looks bad. Can you help explain cauise of baldness in my head?
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Baldness is a common problem affecting most people at a certain stage of their life. The hair starts receding or thinning near the sides as well as the top of the head. Usually, a bald patch begins to show up in the middle of the scalp, while the reducing sides grow and slowly join together, resulting in a front patch. If left untreated, this patch gets thinner too. The rim of hair often gets left around the sides and back of the scalp. In men, it also becomes thinner, making them completely bald. Your hormones may be responsible for the balding. Your follicles shrink and the gradual thinning causes balding. Genetics may also play a key role in hair loss. Hereditary genetics affect hair loss at a particular age and also increase the rate of hair loss. Remember, the more you age, the more your hair starts shrinking both in diameter and length. As a result, your hair starts shedding and the follicular units decrease in number gradually.

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