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My daughter will be 18 next month. But she panics a lot and is shaky. I think it is related to anxiety disorder. What can be the causes?
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Anxiety disorders usually develop when the patient feels disproportionate levels of worry, fear, or distress regularly. Identifying the reason is the first step towards successful treatment. Anxiety often develops due to a combination of: • Environmental Factors: Environmental elements may trigger anxiety, like stress from school, job, or personal relationship. Even low oxygen levels in high-altitude locations can contribute to anxiety symptoms. • Genetics: People having family members with anxiety problems are more susceptible to developing this condition. • Medical Factors: Medical conditions often contribute to anxiety disorder, like the symptoms of a disease, side effects of a drug, or stress from a severe underlying condition. • Brain Chemistry: Traumatic incidents and genetic factors are capable of altering the function and structure of the brain, and make it prone to violent reactions. • Withdrawal or use of illicit substance: This is another risk factor of anxiety disorders.

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