I am Himani 22. I have ben hearing lots about cardio workout from friends and cousins. A lot of them do it to stay healthy and slim. Can I do it also? What do I need to know first?
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Cardiovascular workouts, otherwise known as cardio, are a group of exercises meant to improve endurance and increase both breathing rate and heart rate. Cardio involves exerting yourself to the point where you are almost out of breath. A successful cardio workout will leave you breathless and unable to speak more than five to six words. If you can still talk normally, you’re not doing cardio right! Cardio workouts raise your cardiorespiratory endurance, so you can burn more calories while boosting your metabolism and strengthening your lungs and heart. It also decreases stress hormone levels and releases endorphins, making you feel happier. Choose from a wide range of cardio workouts, including aerobics, running, swimming, jogging, walking, rowing. Picking an activity that you enjoy will motivate you and keep you committed to the program.

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