Abhirup here. 23 yr old student. I have been working out to build my body. But i am planning to do different exercise for maximum health. So I was wondering are there any cardio exercises specifically for men?
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Men can opt for different types of cardio exercises to stay fit and healthy. Some of the most effective ones include: • HIIT: HIIT training is not running. It’s a workout style that burns fat and builds muscle with quick bursts of super-intense activity to keep you burning energy even when you’ve left the gym and stopped sweating. Not only do you burn more calories but you boost metabolism and increase muscle endurance through constantly varying movements. • Compound Barbell Movements: Combine different dumbbell or barbell movements back-to-back without leaving the bar and you’ll instantly experience a surge in your heart rate. Opt for 10 rounds within 40 minutes, comprising of 35 double unders and 10 thrusters (65 pounds for women and 95 pounds for men). • Bodyweight Workouts: Go for split jumps, squat jumps, mountain climbers, and burpees to get your blood pumping. If you don’t have sufficient time or pace, burpees make a good workout session. However, make sure your chest hits the floor and you return to standing on both your feet. Jump at the top and clap your hands above the head. • Jump Rope: Jumping rope burns 10 calories a minute. Try jumping rope for 10 minutes straight or do it at intervals of one minute. • Sprinting: Sprinting not only burns fat quicker but also builds muscle. Sprint training effectively builds endurance and work capacity.

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