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Ashish here. Age 28. I think I have ocd. I have been having very weird thoughts for past few weeks and find myself stressing and cleaning my room constantly. My father suggested yoga to cure problem. I want to know if ocd can be cured by yoga?
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Yoga is great for OCD patients. When combined with conventional treatments, practicing yoga can prove invaluable in treating the condition. Check out why yoga is such a good treatment for OCD below: • Yoga Promotes an Equanimous Mind: Yoga teaches patients to see things without judgment. It teaches them to adopt a more accepting and present attitude towards yoga and apply the same perspective to other aspects of life as well. So, patients slowly learn how to not obsess over each mistake. • Yoga Doesn’t Focus on Perfection: Yoga never demands perfection. There is no ‘correct’ way to do an asana. The expression as well as the execution of the same posture can vary based on the teacher. OCD promotes perfection, which may be damaging to patients who seek validation from others. When a space is created for less-than-perfect, the inclination to obsess over failure begins to dissipate somewhat. • Yoga Focuses on Physical Expression: Practicing yoga forces a person to face themselves. There is no place for obsession if a person wishes to practice yoga meaningfully. The arm balances and transitions from one pose to another flow freely since they are not impeded by obsessive thoughts that otherwise hinder a person’s physical abilities.

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