Can male and female infertility problems be prevented?
Infertility caused genetically or by underlying conditions cannot be prevented. However, the below lifestyle changes are useful methods to reduce the risk of both male and female infertility. • Avoid overconsumption of alcohol. • Avoid drug abuse (cocaine, marijuana, etc.) • Say no to smoking (including passive smoking). • Limit caffeine and sugar intake. • Keep away from radiation as much as possible. • Avoid exposure to toxic substances. • Maintain high standards of personal hygiene and health practices. • Do not take long or hot baths (saunas or hot tubs). • Do not wear skin-tight undergarments. • Take care not to fall prey to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). • Get regular check-ups at least once annually if you are sexually active. • Maintain a healthy BMI (over/under weight women ovulate less regularly and overweight men tend to be less fertile). • Exercise moderately for regular periods and avoid excessive exercise to prevent menstrual disturbances. • Indulge in healthy relaxation and leisure activities to curb stress and boost your emotional and physical wellness. • Indulge in safe sex. • Protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like chlamydia and gonorrhea that can give rise to infertility. STIs can block fallopian tubes in women, cause prostatitis in men (a condition of swollen prostate gland that produces seminal fluid) and lead to other issues that negatively impact fertility in both men and women.
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